Types of Friendships
                                                                                     With each true friendship, we build more firmly the
                                                                                  foundation on which the peace of the whole world rests.

Different kinds of friendships: 

True Friendships

This is the rarest type of friendship, but the most desired. This type of friendship takes a lot of time to establish.  This is a close friend that you have known now for many years.  This is the friend that you know inside and out.   This is the friend you trust with your secrets.   This is the friend who knows everything about you.   This is the friend you have the most fun with. This is the friend who shares in your family life.   This is the friend who shares your interests, beliefs and hobbies.  This is the friend whom you do many activities with.   This is the friend who is there for you every time you need them. A match made in heaven and a rare find indeed!  

Working Friendships

This is mostly found for people in a common institution such as a church, school or business.  People are friendly to each other because they need to be.   Though this can be a start for a true friendship, it is also often complicated by competition (promotions, grades, etc.).  Such competitive concerns often prevent such relationships from becoming deep friendships. 

Superficial Friendships

This is the kind of "friendship" most people have with other people.  You are nice to them because you do not need any more enemies and you may someday need their help.  Keeping up with such "friendships" are very troublesome, which means you may be doing things you would rather not be doing to keep the friendship.   The sad thing is, when you really need someone to be there for you, you most likely will not be able to trust any of these "friends".

 Common Interest Friendships

This is probably the most common bases of friendships.  Common interests, however, do not guarantee friendships.  They are like a door that can potentially lead to friendships.